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elsign EasyWorker Master Pro 2513


Oil lubrication system

The oil lubrication system is applying oil to the following machine mechanics:

- 2 x Hiwin linear rail carriages and guides for the Y axis - 2 x Hiwin linear rail carriages and guides for the X axis - 2 x Hiwin linear rail carriages and guides for the Y axis - the ballscrew installed into the Z axis

The system is manually operated by actuating an oil pump with a lever. The oil pump and the oil container are situated on the back of the gantry, on the left side.

The oil used is a normal moto roil for 4 stroke engines, as less viscous as possible, like a 0w30:


It is important to keep the piston pump always completely submerged to avoid that air will be pumped into the system. If air will be pumped, then it is necessary to pump it out by actuating the lever several time resulting in oil waste.


To maintain the system, or to enable the reaching of the oil into a specific point, to access the oil distributors is needed. If one of the above mecanichs is dry, you may need to check what is happening.

Each oil distributor has the following ins/outs:

- main inlet, where the oil is coming into the distributor - distributors, where the oil is going directly to part to be lubricated - main outlet, where part of the oil si going to be to another distributor (connected in series)


According to how much the screws of the single channels are open, more or less oil will flow to that specific part. If all the screws are too open, then the system will not have enough pressure to send oil to the next distributor. It is therefore recommended to just open them a little bit (10-20% of a turn).

Some oil distributors are directly accessible, some others not. Below the list of the oil distributors and their location:

- 1st oil distributor, left Y axis, it is located inside the cover of the left machine shoulder; it is necessary to open the cover to reach it. - 2nd oil distributor, it is located inside the machine head cover, it is necessary to remove the cover to reach it - 3rd oil distributor, it is located on the spindle holding plate, accessible directly from outside



Because of their connection in series, there may be some minutes delay before the oil reaches the last point, the Z axis guides and ball screw.

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