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Based on the ATtiny1614 and inspired from the Adrianino, the HelloD1614 is a simple board that can be used to test the features of the new ATtiny microcontrollers. The board exposes the full pinout of the ATtiny1614, and offers UPDI as one of the way of programming the chip.

The board layout shows on the right side the connection to the FTDI cable, and to the bottom-right side the connection for the UPDI programmer. On the left side the I2C is exposed, also with 4.7k pull-up resistors. Additional IO is on the top. More details in the pinout.

Below the soldered board to identify the components:

Here's the board connected to the FTDI:


Windows and Arduino IDE

Add the the megaTinyCore to the Arduino IDE.

Open the Arduino IDE
Go to File → Preferences:

Paste the following link inside the Additional Boards Manager URLs:

Go to Tools → Board → Board Manager:

Search for megaTinyCore and install it:

Further instructions here:

Connect the board

To be programmed by using the UPDI, the board can be connected as shown below. Instead of the FTDI-USB in the picture, also an FTDI cable would work.

To connect the FTDI-USB is recommended to use an extension cable or a USB hub, as shown in the following picture:

Upload bootloader and code

It is recommended to burn the bootloader prior the uploading of any other code. To upload the bootloader, select the following options:

To upload any code, the options from above will stay the same, the only difference is to just push the upload button instead of the Burn Bootloader option.


  • Traces PNG:

  • Holes PNG:

  • Cut PNG:

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