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DIY Soldering Fume Extractor

A single unit should cost about 80€, parts will include:

  • housing
  • fan(s) 12V or 24V, some candidates: AFB1224HHE-T500, MS1238E12B-FHR-2EM, AFB1224SHE-T50F, = order the fan from DigiKey!
  • active carbon filter
  • prefilter(s)
  • hepa filter
  • motor speed controller
  • 12V or 24V power supply, external, sealed


Item Picture Description Qty Unit Price Total Price Link Comment
SC120-W5 media.digikey.com_photos_gardtec-incorporated_mfg_sc120-w5.jpg Metallic fan protection for 120mm fans 6 0.6€ 3.6€ link
AFB1224HHE-T500 media.digikey.com_photos_delta_20photos_afb1224hhe-t500.jpg 120x120x38mm fan 0.354 in H2O (88.2 Pa) 1 24.34€ 24.34€ link
MS1238E12B-FHR-2EM media.digikey.com_photos_mechatronics_20fan_20group_ms1238e12b-fhr-2em.jpg 120x120x38mm fan 1.200 in H2O (298.9 Pa) 1 26.70€ 26.70€ link
AFB1224SHE-T50F media.digikey.com_photos_delta_20photos_afb1224she-t50f.jpg 120x120x38mm fan 0.571 in H2O (142.2 Pa) 1 24.93€ 24.93€ link
Motor Speed Controller i.ebayimg.com_images_g_tj4aaoswbirfo5_i_s-l1600.jpg 5A 28V motor speed controller 1 8€ 8€ link
F8 / F9 Feinfilter matte Filtermatte F8 or F9 1 16.8€ 16.8€ link
Active carbon 1kg i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_gbmaaosw0gdxtwgq_s-l96.jpg Active carbon for bad smell 1 9€ 9€ link
Pre filter G4 matte i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_4dkaaoswvljfs4wh_s-l96.jpg Filtermatte G4 for prefilter 1 10.85€ 10.85€ link
Hepa TE70TE15021 Hoover i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_ot4aaoswwhrhi_9v_s-l96.jpg Hepa Filter 1 5.5€ 5.5€ link 18x98x108mm, 190cm3, sealing on the bottom, seems easy to attach
Hepa Bosch BSA i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_5xsaaoswj0nhi_o3_s-l96.jpg Hepa Filter 1 6.4€ 6.4€ link 11.8×132.5x96mm, 150cm3 sealing on top, side plastics makes it difficult to attach
Hepa Zelmer ZVC i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_kwiaaoswsv5hjhp5_s-l96.jpg Hepa Filter 1 6.7€ 6.7€ link 21x108x98mm, 220cm3, sealing on the bottom, seems easy to attach
Hepa Ariete 2741 i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_nrkaaoswzcrhjdfv_s-l96.jpg Hepa Filter 1 5.4€ 5.4€ link 19x104x96mm, 190cm3, sealing on top, seems easy to attach
Hepa Electrolux T8 i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_mjuaaoswqyrhi9zm_s-l96.jpg Hepa Filter 1 5.4€ 5.4€ link 21x88x103, 190cm3 sealing on top, side plastic makes it difficult to attach
Hepa Siemens VS i.ebayimg.com_thumbs_images_g_qzyaaoswrsvdlhoa_s-l96.jpg Hepa Filter 1 9.9€ 9.9€ link 32x95x82mm, 250cm3 sealing on top, side plastic makes it difficult to attach

Design considerations

Some fans From Conrad:

Delta fans:

Seems that Mouser has a good selection and good prices:

3D printed housing + laser cut?

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