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The FTDI-USB is a board that implements similar functionalities of an FTDI cable. Hosting the FT230X, the board can basically convert from USB to serial and can be used for the communication with your board, your sensors etc. It is also compatible with UPDI programming. The board has been designed in KiCAD by using the fab libraries.

Only few components are needed to host the FT230X, as you can see below the board schematic:

The board layout is similar to the old FabISP (with fewer components) or a USB drive. Take care the FT230 requires a 0.2mm end mill because of its small package:

The board is designed to match the FTDI cable pinout, with the exception that the RTS and the CTS pins are not connected. To have a stable and safe connection be sure to add a small layer underneath the USB plug and to use either an USB extension cable or a USB hub. Below is the pinout:

Here the soldered board , useful to look up which components are needed:


  • FTDI-USB KiCAD files in a zip: ftdi-usb

  • Traces PNG:

  • Holes PNG:

  • Cut PNG:

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